Marta Guśniowska
director: Marta Guśniowska
duration: 55 min

Goose - Elżbita Węgrzyn (since 25 X 2016 - Marta Guśniowska)
Fox - Marcin Ryl-Krystianowski
Narrator - Marek A. Cyris
Hen, Mother Hare, Wild Goose, Carrot - Mariola Ryl-Krystianowska
Rooster, Bear, Bunny, Wild Goose, Otter, Wolf - Krzysztof Dutkiewicz

Directed by - Marta Guśniowska

Stage design and puppets - Julija Skuratova (Lithuania)

Music - Piotr Nazaruk

Assistant Director - Krzysztof Dutkiewicz

spectacle description

Who hasn't seen a Goose strolling lightheartedly around a village backyard? Long neck, funny, loppy feet – a Goose like a Goose. But do we really know Her? Have you ever wondered what she is really like in her heart? What does she think about? What does she dream about? The authors of “Holly Molly – what a Goose!” asked themselves this difficult question, and, to their great surprise, they have discovered the sad truth: the Goose – at least the Goose in their play – suffers from depression. She is thin, ugly, and doesn't have friends – the only thing she has is this great sadness in her heart that sticks firmly to her like a leaf to a sole. Will the goose find her happiness? Will a smile return to her beak? You can find out watching our award-winning and publicly acclaimed theatre play about the search for the sense of life, about the great strength of friendship and about happiness which you can find when you least expect it...


1st award for the best performance at the 27th Polish Festival of Puppet Theatres (Opole, 2015)

Award for the music at the 27th Polish Festival of Puppet Theatres (Opole, 2015)

Award for the music at the 28th International Theatre Festival (Łomża, 2015)

Award for the stage setting at the 2nd Festival of New Dramaturgies (Wałbrzych, 2015)

The President of Wałbrzych's Award for Marta Guśniowska „for the creative application of the puppet theatre means of expression at staging one’s own play” (Wałbrzych, 2015)

Award for the stage setting at the 22nd International Festival of Puppet Theatres „Encounters” (Toruń, 2015)

Jan Wilikowski's Award in the Puppet Animation for outstanding team performance at the 22nd International Festival of Puppet Theatres „Encounters” (Toruń, 2015)

Award of the Children Jury for the best children’s play at the 22nd International Festival of Puppet Theatres „Encounters” (Toruń, 2015)

Distinction for the authors and actors' team at the 21st Polish Competition for Polish Contemporary Art

Excerpts from reviews

* Let's say this upfront: one of the most interesting debuts of the season, astonishing with formal nobleness of the theatre performance, but also with a surprising depiction of one of the most difficult problems faced by contemporary civilization– depression.
Szymon Kaźmierczak, The Meanings Do Not Grow On Trees, „Teatr” 9/2015 [Sensy nie rosną na drzewach, „Teatr” 9/2015]

* “Holly Gee!” is a wise, funny and warm fable. It doesn't tire an adult, and it engages the youngest. A play of animal stereotypes results in a story, in a joke attire, about the search for the sense of life and about finding what is the most important. At the same time, the play is far from pushy didacticism.
Ewelina Szczepanik, A Searching Goose, portal teatrdlawas.pl [Gęś poszukująca , portal teatrdlawas.pl]

* Everything here plays and chapeau bas! The moment has clearly come for the author to stage her own plays. A great directing debut in Teatr Animacji [Puppet Theatre] in Poznan has much contributed to the celebration of her 35th birthday.
Juliusz Tyszka, Everything plays, portal teatralny.pl [Wszystko gra, portal teatralny.pl]

* The play is perfectly written: the dialogues sparkle with wit and wisdom, the characters are multidimensional, which has been ideally reflected in the manner of acting of the actors, hidden in the darkness, and animating the puppets. Everybody, without an exception, has managed to recreate the unique nature of the characters in the play. Deserves great applause.
Stefan Drajewski, The Goose's Journey in Search for the Sense of Life, „Głos Wielkopolski” of December 6th 2014 [Podróż gęsi w poszukiwaniu sensu życia, „Głos Wielkopolski” of December 6th 2014]

Premiere: 10.12.2014
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