Ireneusz Maciejewski (na motywach tekstu Theodora Seussa Geisela "Słoń, który wysiedział jajko")
director: Ireneusz Maciejewski
duration: 75 min.
Cast: Artur Romański [Elephant]
Danuta Rej [Mrs Partridge]
Magdalena Dehr [Hedgehog]
Sylwia Zajkowska [Mouse, Elephantchick]
Grzegorz Ociepka [Snail, Hyena]
Marek A.Cyris [Kangaroo, Hunter, Circus Manager]
Krzysztof Dutkiewicz [Hare, Hunter]

DOCTOR FISHER band consisting of :
Bartek Orłowski – guitar, vocal
Wiktor Szostak – grand piano
Paweł Grzesiuk – bass, accordion
Kuba Fiszer – percussion
Piotr Klimek – percussion instruments, vocal
Direction: Ireneusz Maciejewski
Stage design: Dariusz Panas
Music: Piotr Klimek
Director's Assistant: Krzysztof Dutkiewicz
spectacle description

Who is going to incubate this egg?
Ireneusz Maciejewski / based on the text by Theodora Seussa Geisela „Horton Hatches the Eg” /

This performance, which tells a story about the trials and tribulations of a kind–hearted and friendly Elephant that is incubating an egg in the nest instead of Mrs Partridge, travelling around,
is directed mostly to the youngest audience who has just started their adventure with the theatre. The colourful, magical world of puppet characters is full of cheerful songs and humorous situations, which guarantees good entertainment while the simple message:
“When you have promised to do something, keep your word,” seems to be important to children and adults alike.

Premiere: 16.12.2007
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