Robert Jarosz
director: Robert Jarosz
duration: 1 godz.
Julianna Dorosz
Danuta Rej
Katarzyna Romańska
Sylwia Zajkowska
Marcel Górnicki
Artur Romański
Stage design – Pavel Hubička (Czechy)

Music – Adam Świtała

Theater pedagogue – Justyna Czarnota
spectacle description

The authors of the performance were inspired by legends and climate of the Cherry Blossom Land. The relationship between man and nature is particularly strong in Japan and traditional tales often derive from this beautiful connection. And so, two storytellers - pearl divers lead us through the story of the Shining Cloud. They tell a story of an unusual Boy, a child of a man and Deity of the Forest, who was born with a unique gift: The ability to hear animal voices enchanted in the form of a pearl - to be a part of the surrounding nature. When someone posses such a gift, they should be able to share it. Is there not the contact with nature that we miss the most today?

The Shining Cloud enchants with its visual layer and captivates with subtle music performed live by the actors. All together, it creates a consistent world where everyone would like to be, if only for a moment.

The pearl - a gift of love.
The pearl - our own story.
The pearl - a gift we can share.

We invite you to watch the aesthetically sophisticated and poetic story accompanied by original live music performed by the actors.


15.10.2016 - 3rd Edition of "Nówka Sztuka. Dramaty współczesnej Polski” Review (Warsaw)
25.09.2016 - 4th International Children’s Theatre Festival "Dziecinada" (Wrocław)

Award for the best scenography in the 22nd Polish Nationwide Contest for the Performance of Polish Contemporary Art.

Excerpts from reviews

* The “Shining Cloud” is a theatrical haiku, capturing the essence of the moment. But it’s also the poetry of distance every man has to cover to find themselves. It is a subtle allusion to ancient aesthetic forms. But also a serious theatre where a small viewer is treated as an equal.

Monika Nawrocka-Leśnik, Perła niepewności (The pearl of uncertainty),

* Children succumbed to the charm of this extraordinary story. Music is unquestionably a great asset of the performance. Actors play drums, tank drums, melodics, sing, rhythmize, dance and improvise sounds: simply and rhythmically, in the foreground, but sparingly and very beautifully. The scenography is also spare and beautiful and the puppets... There are few puppets only - mainly puppets-costumes, quite raw and slightly unreal. The costumes, music and a pretty loose plot of the "Shining Cloud" can win one’s heart. No matter not everything is understandable. It even seems to me the advantage, leaving some space for the little viewer’s own interpretation. […]I am very grateful to the Animation Theatre for the spectacle. Mainly for their faith in children. Usually theatres offer us a trip, sometimes very attractive, but quite predictable. The “Shining Cloud” is different and takes the viewers on a trip into the unknown.

Magda Woźniak,

* The “Shining Cloud” is primarily a beautiful spectacle, both in visual and music layer. Jarosz consistently builds a world unlike typical fairytale image but wonderfully mysterious and stimulating imagination. It fully compensate some dramaturgical deficiencies. Anyway, they do not significantly affect the final shape of the show - the multi-sensory performance referring to deeper layers of imagination.

Ewelina Szczepanik, “Nie chowaj perły do kieszeni” (“Don’t hide the pearl in the pocket”),

Premiere: 05.03.2016
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