Malina Prześluga
director: Janni Younge (RPA)
duration: 75 min z przerwą
Marta Berthold,
Julianna Dorosz,
Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris,
Marcin Chomicki,
Igor Fijałkowski,
Artur Romański,
Marcin Ryl-Krystianowski
concept, direction, puppet design:
Janni Younge
scipt, dramaturgy:
Malina Prześluga
music and musical direction:
Michał Łaszewicz
Arek Czapla
assistant director:
Agnieszka Błaszczak (PWST) / Karolina Dąbrowska (AT)
puppets and costumes:
Grzegorz Fijałkowski, Damian Kubasiewicz,
Beata Nowacka, Katarzyna Ratić, Małgorzata Rekusz,
Mariusz Szajbe, Andrzej Tritt, Janni Younge,
Karolina Dąbrowska
spectacle description
Nanji, or rather Fryderyk (or is it Nanji actually?) is a young stork who, by a curious twist of fate, was born not in Europe but in Africa. He is the only white guy in a group of black storks which makes him feel alienated. His one bosom friend is Fantu, a crazy black female stork. While their games and japes make Nanji forget his troubles, the overprotective mum and overworked dad worry about their son’s safety and, as a form of punishment for reckless pranks, forbid the young bird from meeting his friend. Thus, both youngsters decide to flee to Europe which Nanji considers a dream homeland where the grass is always greener. The long and adventurous trip that the storks take allows them to look at themselves and the whole world from a different perspective. It also shows them the beauty of otherness and teaches that the sense of belonging is created not by places but by companions. The play is an uncomplicated yet clever lesson in tolerance. As such it discusses the issues of national identity and otherness, simultaneously showing that one’s skin colour doesn’t really matter.
Premiere: 04.02.2017
02 June - Friday, 09:30
02 June - Friday, 11:30
20 June - Tuesday, 09:30
20 June - Tuesday, 11:30
21 June - Wednesday, 09:30
21 June - Wednesday, 11:30
22 June - Thursday, 09:30
22 June - Thursday, 11:30