Malina Prześluga
director: Marián Pecko (Słowacja)
duration: 75 min.
Julianna Dorosz – Roar
Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris – Grau, Zygmunt, Dziewczynka
Danuta Rej – Babcia, Mama, Dziewczynka
Marta Berthold (Wesołowska) – Nauczycielka smoków, Nauczycielka ludzi, Smoczyca
Marcin Chomicki – Kriik, Marian, Smoczyca
Piotr Grabowski – Tata Smok, Smoczyca
Artur Romański – Prosiak
Marcin Ryl-Krystianowski – Człowiek Karol
Stage setting – Eva Farkašová (Slovakia)
Music –
Robert Mankovecký (Slovakia)
spectacle description

There is a world where dragons live only. They go to work and school, have own government and president in the Dragon's White House and in the evenings tell fairy tales to their children... about bad and terrible people who have terrorized the dragon kingdom a long, long time ago. Fortunately, people do not actually exist, they only live in fairy tales.

There is also the world of people, the same like ours. And a Man named Charles together with his loyal Piglet. Charles is a true hero.

He believes in the existence of dragons, so everyone takes him for a madman. Because dragons do not actually exist, they only live in fairy tales. Unless one accidentally goes to a room of a real dragon, the little Roar and looks for the truth together with it. The truth everyone is silent on.

The performance tells that not everything in the world is only black and white, that “other” not necessarily means “bad” and mindlessly repeated prejudices and stereotypes may be a barrier to enjoying life.

Festivals, Tours and Awards

- 31.05.2015 - 25th International Theatre Festival "Bez Granic” (“Without Borders”) (Cieszyn)
- 11.05.2015 - 6th Animated Form Theatres Review "Maskarada" (Rzeszów)
- 16.10.2014 - 21st International Festival of Puppet Theatres "Spotkania” (“Meetings”) (Toruń)
                          * Artur Romański – the Jan Wilkowski Award “for a master creation in the role of Piglet” granted by the Puppet Section of ZASP
- 28.09.2014 - 2nd International Festival of Children’s Theatres (Wrocław)


* Dragons is a spectacle for intelligent and demanding viewers, both children and adults. Once again, Malina Prześluga winks at the adults in her text, so they will not be bored during the spectacle. Children, on the other hand, with a large amount of humour and colour, are forced to ask important questions - if it is sometimes worth to verify their knowledge and if different actually means worse.
Monika Nawrocka-Leśnik, TSWS, i.e. Tajne Stowarzyszenie Wielbicieli Smoków (Secret Society of Dragons Lovers),

* Texts and acting, animating puppets by the actors are the strongest points of the spectacle. Also this time, Malina Prześluga presented her ability to thoroughly look at the present and talk to children about the risks it creates.
Joanna Ostrowska, Człowiek smokowi świnią (A man is a pig to another man),

Premiere: 31.08.2014
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