Max Velthuijs
director: Fabrizio Montecchi (Teatro Gioco Vita)
duration: 60 min
Sylwia Zajkowska / Magdalena Dehr
Katarzyna Romańska / Danuta Rej
Marek Cyris / Piotr Grabowski
Adaptation – Nicola Lusuardi, Fabrizio Montecchi (Italy)
Translation – Jan Ratić
Stage design – Nicoletta Garioni (Italy)
Shadow puppets based on Max Velthuijs' drawings – Federica Ferrari (Italy)
Music– Michele Fedrigotti (Italy)
Costumes – Sara Bartesaghi Gallo (Italy)
spectacle description

A Frog together with its friends overcomes everyday problems and handles life’s dilemmas. The surrounding world is so fascinating!

A blackbird met on a clearing provokes reflection on the essence of death and the need to enjoy every moment. An unrequited love experienced by the Frog becomes the starting point for considering suffering and happiness resulting from it. Night fears provide an ideal opportunity to explore what the fear actually is - the real one and the imaginary one.

Thanks to the witty sense of humour, the adventures of the Frog and its friends, wrapped in beautiful words and images, restore the strength and will of life. The characters, by speaking about themselves, tell also about us - the adults who still do not know how to accept ourselves and in particular those who have yet to become adults, facing many problems connected with it.

These short stories with an important message are an adaptation of illustrated books by Max Velthuijs, one of the most distinguished authors and illustrators of children's books in the world. The texts and illustrations have been transferred from the paper onto the stage and transformed with lightness and poetry into wonderful vivid stories.

The performance is based on the books of Max Velthuijs: "Frog is Sad", "Frog in Love", "Frog and the Birdsong", "Frog is Frog" and "Frog is Frightened" published by Andersen Press, London.

Adaptation of the spectacle Ranocchio - produced by Teatro Gioco Vita from Piacenza (Italy).

Excerpts from reviews

* The Frog is, so to say, a graphically sophisticated and very well played performance, which in a very wise way convinces the youngest viewers that life is beautiful. And maybe someday I will watch it with pleasure again to confirm the validity of my doubts.
Juliusz Tyszka, “Concerto na Żabkę, cienie i Dyzia”, teatralny.pl

*A wise, graphically sophisticated, sparkling with colours, enriched with soft music, well played and exhilarating spectacle. “Życie jest piękne!” (“Life is beautiful!”) - summarize the animals.
Anna Czajkowska, “Życie jest piękne!” (“Life is beautiful!”), teatrdlawas.pl

Premiere: 22.09.2016
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