When the curtain falls

An encounter with the theater does not need to be over when the curtain falls. On the contrary, a performance is an invitation to a fascinating adventure that can last as long as you wish!

At the Theater of Animation, we want to share our love for puppet theater and encourage you to get to know this amazing world better. We believe that the theater can not only provide entertainment, but also: awaken creativity, develop knowledge on virtually any subject, and even support the psychosocial growth of young and adult audiences.

The expression of these beliefs is our rich educational offer, which includes organizing meetings and workshops as well as preparing a variety of contextual materials for our productions. The content side of these is supervised by specialists: Agata Drwięga (theatrologist, our education expert), Alina Janiszewska-Płaziak (methodologist associated with the Teacher Training Centre in Poznań) and Justyna Śliwińska-Sroka (psychologist and psychotherapist for children and adolescents).