Mateusz Barta
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Mateusz Barta


Currently playing in: The word game "Actor Questionnaire". 
In the theater since: The first smell of Ukrainian borscht in the buffet of the Norwid Theater in Jelenia Gora.
Favorite role: It's the one I like to be in.
Dream role: One that is currently being created in some playwright's head.
Hardest role: Maybe one I already played or one I will play yet.
Theater for me is: Both place and emotion, both love and dislike, both sacred and profane. It is some undefinable accumulation. Both the whole world and just a fraction of it.
If I were not an actor, I would be: An actor....
I am most proud of: Moments of true "This is me".
Biggest mishap on stage: I didn't have any biggest one. There were only the smallest ones.