Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris
Na zdjęciu aktorka Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris. fot. Jakub Wittchen

Sylwia Koronczewska-Cyris


Currently playing in: Theater of Animation and Wariate Theater, but I am waiting for my call from Quentin Tarantino.
In theater since: at Theater of Animation since 2000. Before that, I was at the Wierszalin Theater.
Favorite role: Telimena in "Pan Tadeusz. The Last Descent."
Dream role: Every role is a dream role if it’s under the guidance of a good director.
Hardest role: The Hag in "Stories from Oblivion," due to the difficult-to-operate puppet form.
Theater for me is: A place where I can constantly surprise myself.
If I were not an actress, I would be: myself, but somewhere in the south of Spain.
I am most proud of: My loved ones.
Biggest mishap on stage: Only happens in my bad dreams.