Magdalena Dehr
Na zdjęciu aktor Marcel Górnicki. fot. Jakub Wittchen

Magdalena Dehr


Currently playing in: A lot of the moment.
In the theater since: Since my older son turned three.
Favorite role: Perhaps the Grandma in "Ribidi rabidi knoll"? 
Dream role: I never dreamt of one.
Hardest role: The one that stays with me for a long time.
Theater for me is: Still a fascinating place and interesting people.
If I were not an actress, I would be: A carpenter
I am most proud of: My children and the sense of agency.
Biggest mishap on stage: A mishap, admittedly, of a colleague, but because of it I had to stand on stage with a large basket held in two fingers, with a faked smile, for 3 very long minutes.... Phew!