Igor Fijałkowski
Na zdjęciu aktor Igor Fijałkowski. fot. Jakub Wittchen

Igor Fijałkowski


Currently playing in: plays: "A Tale of Three Horses", "The King's New Clothes", "Krabat, the Sorcerer's Apprentice", "Up", "Beak to Beak", "I, the Snowman", "Kluk", "Love for Three Oranges", "Pan Tadeusz, the Last Descent" and "Jungle People".
In the theater since: 2015.
Favorite role: Carrot from the play "I, the Snowman."
Dream role: Preferably an absurd one.
Hardest role: I haven't met her.
Theater for me is: An artist's vision, a great lens reflecting reality, an illusion, a paranormal phenomenon.
If I were not an actor, I would be: an actor anyway.
I am most proud of: Oh... that is a secret....
Biggest mishap on stage: When the leg of my puppet (human character, the main character) fell off and I still had to play the whole performance with it.